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Flagship Station Hates Tennessee Football, Winning, And Fun

Coach Duggs


These past weeks have been huge for Tennessee football, with the recruits rolling in and the addition of Coach Gus Duggerton. This came as a shock to many Vol fans, but especially the typical “state run” radio listeners. They are being led by a captain of the “No Fun Police” himself, Brian Rice.

Rice of WNML is a self described fun hater. This must mean Brian and his coworkers are upset with how invested the University of Tennessee is in the Duggs love.

Now you would think that the “state run” radio station would be behind the University of Tennessee’s decision to lean into the free exposure. But if you thought that you’d be wrong. Even if WNML has a contractual obligation to align their views with those of the university, they do otherwise. They have let their previous opinions of Barstool Sports get in the way of what’s good for the program.

So because he doesn’t like the company that is giving us free publicity we shouldn’t accept it.

That doesn’t make much sense, though. In my opinion, as an 18-year-old former high school student, Tennessee football doesn’t have the best reputation in the media. Now, Barstool is giving us an endless supply of free buzz to a younger demographic, possibly even to high school kids also known as “recruits.”

Now why would someone not like free exposure? Why would someone who is supposed to back the beliefs of the university not want all the help in recruiting that we can get?

Oh. That makes more sense. He is letting his HIGH moral code get in the way of his judgement. This is bad in general, but it is especially bad if you are Brian. If you are Brian you are doing this because you think you’re a hero but in reality he is not.

He is a face of the radio station that is the face of the university. So, if these recruits see how un-fun he is, they might think all of Tennessee is. This can translate to losing recruits, which can translate to losing on the field. Seems like Brian is trying to sabotage our football program to me. Doesn’t seem very “staterun.”

So, Brian, please step off the soap box, come back to reality, and realize that this is good for UT, which means it is good for him. Brian just needs to do what he has already done many times: sellout. He has had no problems doing it over and over again to get to where he is now. So how bad is doing it one more time gonna be? Just loosen up and have some fun.

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