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Fanrun Capital Vols Stock Report for Week 5: Vols Continue to Struggle

This Vols Stock Report is going to be a little different.

We are going to start on a positive note. Yes, there is a silver lining.

After that, the gloves are coming off. For a full breakdown and my thoughts on this game, check out The Cover Zero Podcast presented by the Fanrun Radio Studios of Fox Sports Knoxville.

Jalin Hyatt and Josh Palmer: BUY

The Alabama defense struggled to cover these two when they were streaking down the sidelines. These two accounted for Tennessee’s only two touchdowns of the day.

Both came on bombs from QB1.

Their speed, finesse, and ability to fight through coverage was very impressive against a stingy Alabama secondary.

These two were definitely the highlights and bright spots for the entire Tennessee team on Saturday.

Everything Else: SELL

We are going defensive, folks.

A Bear market is about to take over, and we are moving to bonds, puts, and will short-sell the piss out of everything. This team has so many issues from top-to-bottom. It all starts with a coaching staff that seems unable to develop and identify the talent they have.

Saturday was the most playing time that Jalin Hyatt has seen this year is very frustrating because he very much seemed ready to be on the field.

When it comes to his position, I don’t believe that the limited in-season practice time has made that much of a difference. The senseless rotations on the O-line have returned, and they clearly are throwing off the chemistry and continuity of this group.

The quarterback position continues to be the most contentious issue for Tennessee football in some time.

The absolute refusal to play anyone else at this position in meaningful snaps is infuriating

CJP didn’t put Maurer in until there were only 4 minutes on the clock is asinine. To top it off, they only called two pass plays.

So Maurer was trotted out to hand the ball off and kill the clock instead of working on running the offense down by 30.

A Waddle-less Alabama offense absolutely shredded the defense

The defense seems to be regressing game-by-game. This definitely doesn’t bode well for CJP, as this is his specialty.

Especially not with how our secondary continues to get torched in year 3.

The middle of the field continues to be one for business. It’s open and as busy as a Waffle House in a college town at 2 AM during game weekends.

Maybe the bye week has come at the perfect time because the Vols will match-up against the Arkansas Razorbacks in two weeks.

If they don’t get their heads out of the sand, it could get ugly in Fayetteville.

As a nice little bow on this week’s Vols Stock Report, I will say, to this point, Pruitt seems to be in over his head.

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