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Fanrun Capital Vols Post-Play Stock Report: Week 3







This week’s Stock Report is not a fun one.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a whole lot to say following what we saw on Saturday.

I could make a case for 6 sells and nothing else.

I am trying not to be such a NegaVol.

So I have managed to come up with 3 sells, 1 hold, and two buys.

Let’s rip the band-aid off and start with the negative so we can end on a positive note.

Here are this week’s “Sells” for the Fanrun Capital Stock Report.

Coaching Staff: Sell

For the majority of the game the Vols looked extremely unprepared.

The offense apparently didn’t make the bus for the trip down to Athens.

The entire team was extremely undisciplined racking up 10 penalties for 84 yards.

Then there is the position of quarterback.

The shortcomings of this fall directly on the coaching staff’s shoulders at this point.

There is either a direct failure of not preparing and developing these guys, or they just can’t properly evaluate what they have.

Both are major issues.

But hey, at least we locked JP up for two more years and gave him a raise.

Jarrett Guarantano: Sell

I am not going to sit here and bash the kid or nit-pick his performance.

Fact of the matter of is he’s made it farther in athletics than 98% of the population ever will.

He just doesn’t have it.

He doesn’t have the ability to take the Vols to the next level.

At this point though, you have to begin preparing for your exit strategy.

Start getting the other guys on your roster playing time and make it known JG is no longer the guy.

Make it as painless as possible and let’s just move on.

Tennessee Offensive Line: Sell

I said it after week one when the unit struggled against a terrible South Carolina front-7, and I got blasted for it.

This O-Line is extremely overrated.

There are some great individual talents, but as a unit they are not impressive.

Again, this can probably be traced back to the coaching staff

Looking at you Will Friend.

The “TVA” has some work to do or we will see a repeat of Saturday in two weeks when Bama comes to town.

Now, onto a more positive note for this week’s Stock Report.

Tennessee Defensive Line: Hold

I am upgrading this group to a hold.

If you will recall I had them listed as a sell after week one.

This D-Line still has some work to do, but against a very impressive Georgia offensive line, they didn’t look terrible.

Hopefully the group continues to get better as the season goes on.

Henry To’o To’o: Strong Buy

This young man may end up going down as the greatest linebacker in Tennessee history.

He got burned early in coverage, but boy did he make up for it.

Hank T was all over the field wreaking havoc all day long.

He finished the game with 11 solo tackles, second only had 6.

Henry looked like he was being shot out of a cannon all day long.

He was definitely the star on defense on Saturday.

Josh Palmer: Buy

Boy was Palmer impressive on Saturday.

He had both of the offensive’s touchdowns, both impressive catches that were made after battling the Georgia defender during the route.

His speed and athleticism were on display all during the second half.

I believe it goes without saying he is the ancho of the Vols wide receiver group.

Let’s get ready for Kentucky, y’all.

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