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End It: Tennessee 17, UMass 13

The Massachusetts (UMass) Minutemen entered Neyland Stadium on Saturday with an 0-4 record. They haven’t won a game against FBS competition in 371 days. Their quarterback departed the game 2.5 quarters in after a brutal hit. Chris Berman, who has a vocabulary of eight words, is a team analyst. The UMass Minutemen were four points lesser than a historically top-ten program called Tennessee.

Thought last week sucked but that the final play was a fluke and not representative of this team’s gigantic, gaping holes? Cool. Now you’ve got your answer. Thought it was fun to yell at people about giving Butch Jones more time? Cool. Now you’ve got your answer. Thought even an uninterested Tennessee could beat UMass by 28? Cool! Now you’ve got your answer.

The answer is simple, it’s serious, and it must be executed properly: Fire Butch Jones. What happened at Neyland Stadium today was inexcusable. I’m 23 going on 24, and it was one of the three worst performances I have ever seen from a Tennessee team (2008 Wyoming, 2012 Troy). It might be the worst, considering UMass is 0-13 in their last 13 tries against FBS competition.

Tennessee played one of the very worst teams in the nation and won by four.

That’s all you have to know. If you think Butch Jones is good, I’ve got numbers of psychiatrists who can help you out. At the start of the third quarter, there couldn’t have been more than 60,000 fans left. Good. Show John Currie you mean what you say. Show the university administration you care. Let them know this isn’t okay. And stop listening to certain media members at certain radio stations who tell you it’s okay the crowd sucked because it was hot.

This is not normal. This is not okay. If these statements sound like I’m a verified account tweeting at Donald Trump, it’s because I’m very, very upset at what this football program has become. 8-4 being the ceiling is not okayBeating UMass by four is not okay. Going 1-4 against Florida is not okay. Likely going 3-12 against Florida, Georgia, and Alabama after five years is not okay.

Tell them. Tell everyone you know related to the university that this is not okay. End this regime, end this destruction. End it. I’m sick of it, and I’m sick of knowing that this season’s got two months of depressing, flaming garbage to go. And if you think this gets fixed in time to magically beat a top-ten level Georgia team, I’ve got some bad news. You can do two things at once: root for the players and root for a change.

End it.

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