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Duke Basketball Being Accused Of Cheating Is Not Shocking At All


News broke on Sunday night that Zion Williamson allegedly accepted impermissible benefits from several sources, including Nike and Adidas, to attend Duke. Williamson’s former marketing agent Gina Ford accused ESPN’s favorite former college hoops star and Pelicans rookie of receiving benefits.

Williamson was asked to admit that his mother and step-father demanded and received gifts from Nike, Adidas, and Duke according to ESPN. The former Blue Devil is in the middle of a legal battle with Ford’s Prime Sports Marketing after leaving the company to sign with CAA.

This is not the first time Williamson has been accused of receiving benefits either.

Williamson’s recruitment was brought up in 2018 in amidst of the college hoops scandal trial. This came to light after Kansas assistant Kurtis Townsend and Adidas consultant Merl Code phone conversation was revealed regarding Williamson’s recruitment.

For die-hard basketball fans like myself, this does not come as a shock at all. This should not be a shock for any sports fan in general.

Cases like this should not be a surprise to anyone.

We know that powerhouse programs like Louisville, Arizona, Kansas have given recruits money and benefits. We know that companies like Adidas and Nike have been involved in these recruitments.

It should not be an eye-opener for anyone that Duke is being accused of the same thing. If programs like Louisville and Kansas have been giving recruits money and benefits all these years, Duke has certainly been doing the same.

But will the NCAA  start an investigation into the Blue Devil’s basketball program?

I highly doubt it.

As the days pass, more information will be revealed regarding Williamson’s recruitment to Duke. Maybe this will lead to other recruitments Duke has been involved in to be looked at and investigated.

However, knowing the NCAA, Duke will most likely get next to nothing as far as punishments go.

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