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Duggs And ‘Fraud Cat’ Reeks Havoc in Pasadena’s BCS National Title Game



It was a National Championship Game to forget for Duggs and the Vols.

Over 100,000 people gathered to see the #1 Tennessee Vols battle against the #2 Virginia Tech Hokies. The only problem was that there was no battle. The Hokies bent Duggs over a barrel and showed him the 50 states.

The 2018 BCS National Championship game finished with a final score of Virginia Tech 49 – Tennessee 29. I would give you the silver lining for Tennessee in this game, but there was none.

The game erupted into absolute chaos when in just the second play of the game, Vols quarterback Caleb Pressley threw an interception, which resulted in the first of many Virginia Tech touchdowns. This one interception seemed to be foreshadowing the rest of the game.

In his worst performance of the year, Pressley threw six interceptions. I repeat six interceptions. One might think he had money on the game and did it on purpose.

Virginia Tech dominated Tennessee.

It got so bad that the great Kirk Herbstreit said, “I think they’re confused” when referencing the Tennessee Vols offense as a whole. If you ask me, it certainly looked like Duggs was focused on other things.

All around, this was a bad game.

Coach Duggs was heard telling one of his wide receivers, Rico, that “Rico is a bum.” Which is just a very demeaning comment to make about one of your players.

The best part of this game was Tennessee running back Jojo Smalls. Even though he was the only player with any sort of functionality wearing a Tennessee uniform. Smalls was able to break off for three total touchdowns.

Coach Duggs was on Twitter quite a bit today, talking about his next steps coaching moving forward. Maybe he should have finished his job here before thinking about his next landing spot.

I would be surprised to see Coach Duggs in Knoxville next season. He made some comments during the game that would indicate that his time here has come to an end.

At least with all of our other sucky coaches that Tennessee has had, they never gave us any false hope like Duggs did.

Please, go choke on a burger.

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