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Dr. Danny White, Please Do This


I never thought adding better lighting to Neyland Stadium would be contentious, but it was just like any conversation involving Tennessee football.

I understand most fans don’t care about a fancy light show, especially in the middle of taking a beating to Alabama, and neither do I. However, upgrading the lights isn’t a big deal.

Other than spending the light money on a more proven coach such as Hugh Freeze or Lane Kiffin, why was it the wrong move by Dr. Danny White?

Houston Kress, the @Volrumormill, asked a great question on the Twitter machine the other day. It simply asked, “what in-stadium experience or new “tradition” would you like to see at football games?”

A lot of people said, “win.”

I feel that. Everyone wants to win. But, not adding or caring about new in-stadium experiences is a stupid viewpoint. Adding lights isn’t bad, and neither are some of the below suggestions.

I love the positive spin here by Maddie. I believe there will be many opportunities to tweet at the negavols this season. It’s refreshing to think Josh Heupel will have an offense that won’t struggle to score 21 points. Even if Tennessee gets down by 21 points in the first half, I’ll still have hope they can score enough to get back into the game.

Truthfully, this would be on the top of my list. I’m a smaller guy (but with muscles, especially quads), probably around a buck 55, but even normal-sized adults have trouble sitting in Neyland Stadium. I’m not even kidding; I think you get like 14 inches to sit. It’s like the size of a metal fold-out chair.

I’ve never cared about having 100,000 fans in the stands. The difference between 90k and 100k isn’t that different. Please give me more comfortable seating.

I don’t remember the orange balloon release. What was that? I do love the idea for a hype video. I still think about the one the basketball team played with the music Good Life by Kanye.


This is a great point and I’ve never noticed it.

I agree. It’s time to bring back 3rd Down For What.

Who doesn’t like a good hot bowl of chili in late August?

Mic drop.

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