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DH’s Letter Through 3 to GD

Gus Duggerton

Hey Coach Duggs

I’m on a plane heading back to Tennessee, coming from a baby shower where I got absolutely blitzed! It was amazing. Anyway, I bought the WiFi on Allegiant and was reading a bunch of stuff about you online. Bro, some of the CGD talk is hysterical to me BUT let’s not sugar coat this…you’re not coaching good enough. I know you know this, it’s why I don’t pile on.

I know the standard you and your family hold you too. I also know we BOTH had lofty goals for you personally this year. My best guesses were 14-0 and you hoisting the Natty. Those were my guesses.

No one goal was ever more important to you than the members of your team becoming men. But the W’s were the only stat you ever care about. Not to mention, I watched you grow with my own eyes and I know what a good Head Coach growth offseason looks like. I haven’t forgot that.

You grew. Your players grew. Your assistant coaches grew. Growth, growth, growth…I do believe no one over there will ever overlook an opponent again and I do believe everyone is starting to see growth on your end and the entire teams end BUT let it be known, CGD you aren’t coaching good enough…Let me rephrase that, CGD you haven’t coached good enough! You must go WIN. You need to WIN.

Here’s what I say:

1.) You’re the man – go coach like it!

2.) Embrace the intensity! Embrace the challenge!

3.) Last Coach to win in Gainesville is about to be Gus Duggerton

Here’s what I know:

1.) it’s Florida Week

2.) it’s time to coach like we BOTH you can

3.) WGWTFA – Just Win Baby!



Ttyl dude – DH

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