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Demo Day: Coach Duggs Puts A 50-Burger On Baylor In Waco

Coach Duggs


The second half might have been a Sloppy Joe at times, but at the end of the day, Coach Gus Duggerton took Tennessee’s Fixer Upper offense on the road to face the Baylor Bears and left with a win and a 50-burger on the board.

It was a hot start from the Vols offense (AKA “Gus’s Good Times Offense”), as an efficient opening drive ended with an 11-yard touchdown pass from Caleb Pressley Dwayne Rogers-Cole:

After Baylor tied it up at 7-7, new starting running back JoJo Smalls caught a Pressley pass and took it to the house 47 yards for the score:

What was a controversial move from Duggs in benching Rico Burgerton for Smalls ending up working out for the Vols.

After the Bears proved they have no balls by running on 3rd-and-17, the Vols, unfortunately, let Baylor back in it after a pick-six from Pressley:

However, Pressley would redeem himself on the ensuing drive as he marched the Vols down the field and took the lead back on a three-yard score from Burgerton:

After the Tennessee defense came up with a huge stop on 3rd-and-5, the Air Duggs offense made Baylor pay. First, it was a tremendous 45-yard catch from Deion Flash. Next, it was this gem of a play from Pressley:

On their next possession, the Bears punted on 4th down because they’re cowards, unlike Duggs. After quickly moving the ball downfield with receptions from Pua Stubbs and Javon Nelson, DRC once again delivered:

Tennessee led the Bears at halftime 35-14 in front of the stunned home crowd in Waco. If they weren’t stunned enough, the second half began right where Air Duggs & Co. left off.

After a 50-yard bomb from Pressley to DRC, the 5-star true freshman, Nelson, did this:

Dwayne Johnson once asked: “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” Hey, Dwayne? Who gives a damn? Because do you smell what Duggs is cooking? Smells like a 50-burger.

On the Vols’ next drive, faced with a 4th down deep in Baylor territory, the now second-string Burgerton proved that he’s still one of Tennessee’s top weapons as he reeled in the Pressley pass for six, making the score 48-14 Vols.

Unfortunately, the ensuing two-point conversion for the burger would fall just short of the goal line with 36 seconds left in the third quarter.

After the fans put their “4’s” up as the final quarter began, the Vols had numerous chances to extend the lead and get the coveted 50-burger. However, a serious of unfortunate events would ensue:

  • Pressley fumble
  • A missed field goal attempt that doinked off the uprights (i.e., Cody Parkey)
  • A Pressley interception

Meanwhile, the Bears would use these mistakes by a comfortable Tennessee squad to their advantage, cutting the deficit to 48-35 late in the fourth. Amazingly, Baylor would recover an onside kick with a chance to cut Tennessee’s lead to one score.

However, while Coach Duggs is known for his offense, his defense came through when it mattered the most, forcing a Baylor turnover on downs late in the game.

With the clock nearly to triple zeroes, it was the last chance for Duggs and the Vols to capture the 50-burger. Enter DRC:


Burger? CHECK

Pressley, the new record-holder for most passing yards in a game in Tennessee history? CHECK

Now, it’s back home to Knoxville for Week 3 of the 2017 season tomorrow. Next up? Why it’s Jack Mac’s UConn Huskies! And if that game is anything similar to what Fanrun’s Will Stevens did to Jack the other week, well, let’s just say you may want to make sure your children are in the other room before watching it.

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