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Dear Butch Jones: Part 2

Dear Butch,

Grow a pair. You have turned Tennessee into the laughing stock of not only the SEC, but the entire country. How is it humanly possible for a brain to produce the words that come out of your mouth?

“This year we had to turn away more talented guys than we’ve ever had to turn away”.

Turning Tee Higgins, JaCoby Stevens, Jacob Phillips, and Amari Rodgers away must have been a real difficult decision for you.

I think overall this is the most positive year we’ve had in recruiting”.

If by positive you mean finishing 17th in the nation and 7th in the SEC behind Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Florida and Texas A&M, then yes, it was positive.

“Tennessee football is back”.

Slow down there, Slim Shady. Do South Carolina and Vanderbilt ring a bell? Last time I checked “being back” doesn’t mean losing to the two worst teams in the SEC. If Tennessee is back then Hugh Freeze is an honest man.

No one in their lifetime thought you could top the phrase “champions of life”, but what do you know… You managed to pull off the unthinkable.

You don’t need “five star athletes, but five star hearts”? What in the blue hell does that even mean? I’d rather go to a Nickelback concert with Whoopi Goldberg after watching an entire marathon of “The View” than listen to you talk about football, or at all.

The Vols are a national embarrassment…

After listening to you talk I completely understand why Jauan Jennings would risk rolling up a blunt, smoking it, and being caught by the KPD.

Please, for the sanity of Vol Nation, learn sign language.




Encore: If you want to hear Butch talk more than he already does, here is his entire introduction speech.

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