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Confession: I Haven’t Worn Deodorant In Four Days

I’m just your average 28-year-old radio host.

Sure, there are some differences that set me apart. My takes are better than almost anyone’s in the biz. My skill of sounding like a dumb redneck while also being sort of smart is unparalleled.  Unlike most people, I  can make you laugh while also making you think.

And sure, most media people can’t be wild with no regards for breaking rules while also breaking more news than most of the nerd journalists.

But I’m just your average 28-year-old media guy.

I have a girlfriend. I have a dog.  I’m slightly overweight. I want to be appreciated.

But for the past four days I’ve been living with a secret: I haven’t worn deodorant in four days.

And to tell the truth. . . I like life better this way.

I could tell you that I’m just trying to be cautious about the potential link to cancer. Another easy excuse would be to say that I ran out of my last stick and haven’t had enough time to run by the store to re-up.

But I don’t really believe the whole cancer thing, and I have a brand new stick of Degree in my gym bag that’s constantly in my car.

The truth is that I forgot on Saturday as I was out drinking and hanging out with all of my internet friends before Tennessee’s spring game. Going out in public like that for a 7 hour drinking expedition while representing both my personal and the FanRun brand was irresponsible. But it taught me something. It taught me that I didn’t have to be fearful of skipping on the powdery substance I’ve been a slave to for over 15 years.

I didn’t wear deodorant, and no one complained that I stunk. People still liked me. My girlfriend still loved me.

And honestly, I like the smell. The end-of-the-day musk that hits me in the nose when I do the pit-check when I’m heading home from a long, hard day of informing and entertaining the masses makes me feel like a damn man. A manly, sexy man.

Now, I’m addicted to the freedom.  There’s no going back to that shackled-life. I know why the caged bird sings. And I refuse to ever have my wings clipped again.

Don’t like it? Learn to love it.

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