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College Students Stage Walkout Because Of Science

Students at Portland State University did not like what they heard from biologist Heather E. Heying when she discussed the biological differences between men and women.

Watch below:

Men are taller than women. Men are physically stronger than women. Science tells us this. I do not understand how this was received so negatively. It’s literally science.

Heather should’ve went further and added that the NBA is faaaaaaaaaaaaar superior to the WNBA just for good measure.

I found myself getting angry during the video. Not because of how expeditiously society seems to be crumbling with heightened sensitivity and ease that people throw around the word “Nazi.” Nay, it’s not because of how the group of extremes on both sides of every topic that gets discussed in 2018 are ruining *MY* experience on the internet.

Anger found me because these issues have found their way to Knoxville. If I would’ve told you that this happened in Knoxville, would you have believed me?

Trick question.

This would not have happened in Knoxville because the male in this clip actually took up for common sense and the importance of people actually having some type of discussion. Does anyone have confidence that Chancellor Beverley Davenport would have done the same thing? Nope.

Bev probably thinks that the Lady Vols can beat Rick Barnes and the boys. Bev has probably been dragging her feet on actually calling the crane to fix the jumbotron because she doesn’t want to offend Butch. She tried to have a diversity rally, and it ended up with an anti-police protest.

Luckily for her, reports leaked out that she helped keep Greg Schiano out of Knoxville. Combine that with that time she got all of the students together to form that really big letter, and she will always be a winner here.

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