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College Football Needs Dave Portnoy Like Pizza Needs Cheese

College football

The most infuriating thing about college sports is Power 5 conferences are never on the same page. The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the failure of sensible discussions, decisions, and leadership.

Kevin Warren, the commissioner of the Big Ten conference, jumped on the opportunity to be the first to announce a conference only season. A day later, the Pac-12 followed suit. Earlier this week, both the ACC and SEC declared a conference only season as well.

The problem isn’t the conclusion to go conference only, although it’s an incredibly dumb decision; it’s the amount of time it took to get here and the lack of cohesiveness.

I applaud the ACC for wanting to construct their schedule with ten conference games and an additional non-conference game. That schedule model would have allowed historic rivalries like South Carolina/Clemson, Georgia/Georgia Tech, and Florida/Florida State to continue.

It makes no sense that South Carolina and Texas A&M can play or Florida and Missouri, but in-state games against other conferences is a big no.

These are just a few examples. College football is one of the best products in America. However, it’s broken and needs help.

The only practical solution is to beg Dave Portnoy to be college football’s czar.

Seriously, think about it. El Pres is successful in everything he does.

Barstool is dominating the sports market, much like Fanrun.

During the Covid19 pandemic, Dave decided to start Davey Day Trade Global and is making people thousands of dollars a day. All the suits are jealous.

Dave is logical, smart, witty, and sexy AF.

College football would be in a much better state with Dave leading the way.

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