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Colin Cowherd: Tennessee should pay Jon Gruden $10 million a year

The Grumors…they’re back!

Continuing off of his rabble-rousing comments from last week about Butch Jones being a “gym teacher,” it turns out Colin Cowherd may just want Tennessee to be elite again. Yesterday, Cowherd reacted to a Yahoo! Sports story about Jon Gruden reaching out to the Los Angeles Rams on his show, The Herd. Particularly, Cowherd believes Tennessee should offer Gruden $10 million per year to be their head coach.

Cowherd remarked about his surprise of Gruden never becoming a college head coach. Cowherd describes him as “telegenic” and calls him someone who would light up a recruit’s home as he walks in. For this reason, he would be an “unbelievable” recruiter, Cowherd notes. It’s easy to understand Cowherd’s enthusiasm if you’ve ever seen Gruden on television.

Finally, Cowherd comes to the conclusion that Tennessee should make Jon Gruden the highest-paid coach in college football. It’s an interesting one and an idea that could eventually be a discussion point again. My dad is a Michigan graduate and some of these ideas sound very similar to what I heard at this time around two years ago. Never let your dreams die, Vol fans: they do come true sometimes.

Gruden at the Outback Bowl, 2016

Here’s shorter audio with just the part about Tennessee included.

All audio is courtesy of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, a FOX Sports Radio production.

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