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Charles Barkley Gained 20 Pounds at Denny’s in 48 Hours to Avoid Being Drafted by Philadelphia

We all know Charles Barkley is the “Round Mound of Rebound”, but that may nickname may have origins dating back to a quick binge-eating effort before his NBA career even began. It turns out that Barkley, a man who claimed this season that he wouldn’t eat until the Lakers won a game, used Denny’s as a basis for his 20 pounds of weight gain prior to the 1984 Draft.

Wednesday on Ryen Russillo’s ESPN Podcast “The Russillo Show,” Barkley detailed how his feelings on being drafted by Philadelphia before the draft quickly changed after learning that the new salary cap meant that he wouldn’t exactly be paid what he wanted out of college.

He really didn’t want the Sixers to draft him and pay him only $75,000. The organization had asked him to drop down to 285 pounds, and if he did, they would draft him fifth overall. Before learning of the salary cap, Barkley worked to get his weight down to a meager 282 pounds in an effort to meet those demands.

However, a master plan developed when he realized not meeting that weight goal could mean making more money. So, naturally, he went to Denny’s. His meal of choice? The Grand Slam Breakfast. But not just one, which is obviously weak sauce. Barkley went for two each morning! Talk about putting food back.

In under 24 hours, the man had consumed eight pancakes, eight eggs, eight strips of bacon, eight sausage links. As part of the meal, he also inhaled either hashbrowns or toast with each breakfast. After a second day of Denny’s, he weighed in with Philadelphia at 302 pounds.

Imagine what would college players with prospects of going to franchise dumpster fires do to save themselves? And more importantly, could they be successful in tanking out of bad draft picks (unlike Sir Charles)? I’m thinking that some might choose to binge on In ‘N’ Out Burger or stop at every gas station between their college and their hometown to pick up guilty pleasure foods. According to Dude Perfect, Chris Paul would have put on weight eating Oatmeal Creme Pies and Aaron Rodgers would have succumbed to the King Size Reese’s under this method.

I think that the bigger picture here is that we are eventually going to see Barkley in Denny’s ads, if Denny’s is even still running ads. They would be the biggest beneficiary, as all of the people longing for the past would love to eat where the “greats” eat. Barkley could even have his own meal: “The Round Mound” which would, of course, be double the size of the Grand Slam Breakfast. Then, Shaq could join in with the Big Shaqtus platter and the two could continue their playful TNT feud off-air and in the diner.

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