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Cancel Culture Is Getting Ridiculous And Has To Stop


Mike Gundy is the latest victim of the social media mob. Oklahoma State’s head football coach has come under fire for the t-shirt he wore on a fishing trip with his sons.

Yes, you read that correctly, a T-SHIRT!

The issue with the t-shirt is that it featured the logo of OAN, which stands for One America News. OAN is considered to be a right-leaning media outlet with a good amount of conspiracy in their reporting. The network recently came under fire for referring to the Black Lives Matter movement as “a farce.”

Here is the picture that has made Gundy the most recent sacrifice.

Oklahoma State’s electric, star running back, Chubba Hubbard is where the outrage started, and I have MULTIPLE ISSUES with this whole situation.

Issue number one for me is, did anyone pause to think maybe Gundy didn’t know that OAN had made the comments about BLM that have them under fire? No, because America has shifted from “Innocent until Proven Guilty” to “Guilty until Proven Innocent.”

No one is granted any sort of benefit of the doubt anymore. Society immediately wants their head on a silver platter.

This paired with that fact that even one minor PR incident has businesses and institutions terrified.

My next issue is who gives a damn what outlet Gundy gets his information from? I think CNN and MSNBC are absolute jokes constantly trying to start drama and witch hunts.

Guess what?

I haven’t unfriended anyone over it because I know how to be an adult and understand that not everyone has the same ideas and opinions. Guess what folks, YOU DON”T HAVE TO AGREE WITH EVERYTHING SOMEONE SAYS AND BELIEVES ALL THE TIME!

Differing opinions are ok. It’s what makes America so great. It’s what makes America the melting pot of ideas that we are.

Here’s another kooky idea.

Maybe Gundy doesn’t even support the outlet, and it was just a t-shirt. Yes, I know Gundy came out and apologized and took responsibility. What other choice did he have?

The mob was formed and ready to go if he didn’t do things the exact way they wanted.

The third issue at hand is why does Chubba give a damn about his coach’s political ideology and choices?

I couldn’t have cared less about one of my coach’s political leanings when I played sports.

You know why?

Because I was there to play and learn and develop my skills in that sport, not have tea time and discuss current events, now, don’t twist this as me saying, “Shut up and dribble.” I have never agreed with this mindset.

Players have a platform, and they should use it.

I can guarantee you, though, it has never crossed Gundy’s mind, “I wonder who Chubba is voting for in the upcoming Senate race?”

You know why?


My final complaint with this is the way Hubbard handled the situation.

He is 21 years old. He is a grown man. Instead of going to his coach, who is one of the most well-documented players coaches in the game, he went TO SOCIAL MEDIA.

I guess the irony is in that Gundy went on the “I’m a Man” rant, and I suppose it has come back to bite him.

Here’s the deal.

If this were something where Chubba has had multiple issues and went to Gundy numerous times, and nothing had been done, that would be different. To this point, that does not seem to be the case. It would appear that he acted like the rest of the “Outrage Mafia” and went straight to Twitter to sound the alarm.

America has changed greatly over the past 20 years. Some good and some bad. The flow and freedom of information is mostly good. The innovations in technology. The many offerings and opportunities this country affords its citizens.

What do we do? We piss all over it.

I fully support the BLM movement, I do. I also support good cops.


My God, when did we become so simple-minded we couldn’t process and understand multiple levels of discourse and different reasonings at the same time. I guess when civil discourse was thrown out the window.


Hubbard and Gundy released a joint video saying that they had worked things out and would be working together to change the program. Gundy also released a separate apology video stating this issue of the network was brought to his attention because of this incident.

He has apologized for it, but it’s not enough for some. People are still condemning in.


Because the apology apparently isn’t good enough, and they don’t “buy it.” I fully believe this man had ZERO idea about the issues with the station. Gundy seems to me to be as simple of an individual as they come.

Which brings me to the point that we expect WAY too much out of certain people.

He is a football coach. Gundy is not a politician. He is not someone influencing public policy. Gundy is in NO way someone with the influence to drive major societal change.


Most of these guys are overpaid gym teachers, and y’all expect them to be winning Nobel Prizes.

Lastly, Paul Finebaum might be one of the dumbest, laziest individuals in the media.

To say, “The sooner OSU gets rid of Gundy, the better” might be one of the most ignorant things to ever exit his mouth. Here is the deal, if you think he should be fired for football reasons, that’s fine.

To give in and join this cancel culture movement, though? LAZY.

We’ve got to do better folks.

We are better than the way we have been acting. How about we start having some self-respect and respect for each other and be CIVILIZED and learn to respect each other’s opinions.

Maybe then we can enact some actual, meaningful change.

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