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Caleb Pressley Is Building a Case for Heisman

Caleb Pressley


Quarterback Caleb Pressley continues his dazzling showcase after leading the Tennessee Volunteers to a massive to a 65-28 victory over the Auburn Tigers. The Vols air attack has sliced up the competition all season. Coming into the bout against the Tigers, Pressley’s aerial assault averaged a nation-leading 420 yards per game.

But it was the rushing attack that Pressley and Coach Gus Duggerton wanted to establish versus Auburn. “Some say Caleb is one dimensional and that we have no rushing attack,” Duggs states. “Dadgummit, it’s time to recognize this boy got some wheels on him now.”

The critics that Coach Duggs mentions are referring to Tennessee’s rushing offense, which ranked 123rd in the nation coming into the contest. But No.16 for the Vols quickly silenced those voices while making a mockery out of the Tigers’ defense.

Pressley set the tone by putting the Vols in the red zone with a 30-yard run during the first drive. He then fired a rifle shot, reminiscent of Davey Crockett’s aim, into the checkerboards to Pua Stubbs for a 7-0 lead. From that point, the Vols put on more steam as their quarterback sliced up Auburn’s coverage and ran circles around the defenders.

Pressley says that he is just “leading by example.”

“Coach Duggs has been preaching to us about wanting more,” the quarterback states. “He tells us all the time to be the burger you want to see on the scoreboard. Or something like that. It may not have been his exact words, but those don’t matter, points do.”

Whatever message coach Duggerton sent was well received by his players. The last scoring drive resulted from a failed onside kick attempt from Auburn with 1:49 to go in the game. Pressley was itching for a 100-yard rushing game to add to his repertoire, while his coach was salivating over the thought of a “60-burger.”

“At the end, we only had one thing in mind: Hang a 60-burger and get Caleb a hungry sack,” Duggerton claims.

The coach hit both legs of the parlay as Pressley took blow after blow during the final drive and finally broke the pocket for a 17-yard scramble to give him 111 yards on the ground. He then ended the game exactly the way he started it: A touchdown pass to the ever-reliable Pua Stubss. The quarterback finished with 500 yards and seven touchdowns on the stat sheet.

What officially begins now is Pressley’s quest for the Heisman trophy as his dynamic ability becomes more prevalent with each game. The latest Heisman Watch rankings are expected to be released in the coming days.

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