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FSK Personalities Speak On Butch Jones’ Status At Tennessee

We have always promised to give things to you straight here at Knoxville’s only locally owned station. Much of the rest of Knoxville is finally catching on to what we at FOX Sports Knoxville have been saying for so long, but now we’re unified, too.

So, folks, here we are. After a 41-0 shutout in Neyland Stadium at the hands of second-year coach Kirby Smart and Georgia, the Vols are 3-2 with embarrassing losses in the biggest games in the division. Butch Jones has seemingly driven the nail into his own coffin, and we don’t think there’s any if’s, and’s or but’s about it. However, don’t take my word for it. Take the word of just about every personality at the station.

Will Warren, Contributor and former Editor

“Fire Butch Jones. If he is fired (Sunday), the season becomes infinitely more exciting for every fan involved with the team. If you wait until November, John Currie, please enjoy 70,000 fans and 30,000 empty seats. I feel bad for Jones’ kids, but not for Jones himself. It is time. That is all.”

Blake Rainey, Contributor

“Butch, your lack and unwillingness to pull your head out of your own ass is baffling, but don’t let a second-year head coach distract you from your seven year brick-by-brick rebuilding process. You’ve officially lost the support of every Tennessee fan that packed a stadium to watch a 41-0 ass-whooping by a freshman quarterback. GTFO of Knoxville.”

Nick Davis, Multimedia Content and Editor

“Horrible loss. First shutout since 1994. Not even Dooley did that crap, and his tenure was an anomaly. Butch will still have a job until late in the season just because I don’t think Currie wants to make the biggest decision of his career not even a year into his tenure. It might take a loss to South Carolina or Kentucky if he is to be fired in-season.”

Boomer Dangel, Multimedia Content and Editor

“I would be surprised if Coach Jones lasts past 9:05 a.m. Monday. He’s done his job and done it quite well, but the act has worn thin.”

Houston Kress, Creative Director and Co-Host of 3&OUT

“Butch Jones has done many good things here and should be commended for it. He has improved Tennessee’s national image, improved the roster, repaired university relations and brought Tennessee back to a level of national relevance.

However, it appears as if Butch Jones has peaked. He is not a good enough head coach to take Tennessee to a championship level. At this point, Tennessee’s best move is to capitalize before any sort of decline begins by moving on from Butch Jones and bringing in a coach who can take us to the next level.

Tennessee is currently an incredibly attractive job, due in large part to the job Butch Jones has done. It would be wise to bring in a coach with a championship pedigree to best take advantage of the great work that Butch Jones has already done.

The longer we wait, the harder it gets to win from this point.”

Nate Hodges, General Manager and Co-Host of 3&OUT

“The evidence has been there against inferior opponents and others. But a weak SEC East has allowed Butch Jones to skate by with a portion of the fan base using excuses and deflection. Now that Georgia has rebuilt its roster and is executing as good SEC teams should, this program was exposed for the sham it has become under Jones. He recruits at an acceptable level but does not handle people, coaches or players well at all. No player development, incorrect coaching hires, a culture of drama perpetuated by his think skin and his stubborn attitude regarding his “infallible” program has been a recipe for disaster.”

Davey Hudson, Executive Producer of 3&OUT

“This is the worst loss I have ever seen by Tennessee in my entire life. If Butch is still the coach come Monday, I will have lost all faith in UT’s administration. I don’t know what else there is to be said. It’s pathetic. It’s embarrassing. It’s shameful for anyone who is a fan of Tennessee athletics.”

Cody McClure, Co-Host of Talk Sports

“Butch Jones is the Donald Trump of college football — arrogant, yet incredibly insecure. Shows evident weakness and fragility as a leader when dealing with media. Brags about minuscule accomplishments since he’s been in office, and he hasn’t actually accomplished anything. Currently building a wall between himself and Tennessee fans, which will be torn down immediately.”


Caleb Souders, Producer of Talk Sports

“I’m done with Butch. The cupboard is full, somebody needs to step up and utilize it.”

Russell Smith, Host of The Drive

“The Butch Jones era at UT is over. He’s done a nice job of digging Tennessee out of a deep hole, but he’s taken the Vols as far as he can. Time to invest big money in a big-time coach. UT can afford it. Place a hold on the Neyland renovation and invest that money in a proven winner. Alabama did it 10 years ago. Michigan did it three years ago. It’s high time UT acts like they want to compete with the big boys. This town deserves it. These players deserve it. And these fans damn sure deserve it!”

Chance Collins, Executive Producer of The Drive and Host of Tennessee Tailgate

“I just can’t believe that Tennessee was shut out at home, the first time Tennessee has been shut out in 280 games or some s***. It’s just laughable. If the administration can’t look at themselves in the mirror at this loss and take a hard look at firing Butch Jones, then it’s time to question John Currie. Butch was out-coached once again and his team has given up on him once again…”

Tanner Carson, Producer and rotating Co-Host of Overtime

“As far as Butch’s status is concerned: terminated. It’s only a matter of time now. You were probably losing to UGA, but after the way it actually happened? There’s no coming back from that, and you could tell that the staff and the team have packed it in.”

Lucas Panzica, Producer and rotating Co-Host of Overtime

“At this point, it seems like it’s finally a matter of when, not if.”

Nathan Odom, rotating Co-Host of Overtime

“I was in Butch Jones’ corner before the season. I thought that he could take an improved coaching staff and plenty of young talent and push for nine wins. Now, I know I couldn’t be more wrong. Jones has been out-coached in all but one game this season, and it’s clear this job isn’t meant for him. No hard feelings, but he’s not an SEC coach. Tennessee has looked like Cincinnati on Saturdays, and it’s time for a change.”

Brandon Orrick, Host of Overtime

“Butch Jones is in over his head. He looked defeated on the sidelines and he needs to be fired.”

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