Look At Football Geniuses Butch Jones And Bill Belichick Chat About Life

What a lovely Wednesday here in Knoxville. The temperature has cooled off, but it’s not raining. It’s hump day. The day is halfway over without any drama—annnnnnnd it’s gone.


Why yes, that is former Tennessee coach Butch Jones talking to megamind and multi-Super Bowl champion coach Bill Belichick at Alabama’s Pro Day. One has won five Lombardi Trophies as a head coach, and the other holds (at least) one life championship. Check out the big ol’ A on Jones’ chest, too.

Unless he’s the world’s biggest secret Alabama fan, it seems as though the reports of Jones meeting with Nick Saban a few weeks back had some merit.

What if Saban hired Butch Jones so that Butch would have all the small-talk conversations that Saban didn’t want to waste time with? Maybe Jones just wandered a little too far or Belichick walked too far down the field, ending in this conversation. Bill obviously looks very pleased.

The Internet did what the Internet does what things, annihilating it with joke after joke. Vols fans and national media alike got in on the action.


I can’t wait for the Patriots to run out this year’s team motto, “Pump by Pump.” It’ll help Tom Brady play until he’s 56.