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Bubba Watson Has a Strong Case for Quote of the Year for the PGA Tour


Bubba Watson might have delivered the quote of the year for the PGA Tour on Saturday afternoon. During the third round at the RBC Heritage, Watson found himself in a “crabby” situation.

Sorry, the dad joke was necessary. BTW, Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there.

The trouble occurred for Watson on the par-3 17th hole when Watson’s tee shot found the bunker. When Bubba got to the bunker, he was met with a rather unusual situation. Underneath his ball, there was a small soft-shell crab.

I can only imagine the crab was just trying to make the ball his new shell; you know “Squatter’s Rights” and all. When Bubba saw the predicament, he called for a rules official.

Fortunately for us, there is video of this glorious situation.

In case you missed that, he said, “We’ve got enough issues in our world right now” We don’t need crab issues.”

The Rules Official’s confusion only adds to how great this clip is. He didn’t know what in the hell Bubba had called him out there for. Meanwhile, Bubba is just trying to avoid getting canceled.

He may never look at a soft-shell crab sandwich the same ever again. Let’s not forget about your friend and mine, Rory.

World number 1 McIlroy attempted to aid Watson in his predicament. Rory approached the bunker and began waiving the grip of his putter over the crab, trying to distract it. This tactic, however, was about as useful as tits on a boar hog. Concerned about irritating Rory with the delay, Bubba confided in the European that “I don’t want the world to get mad at me.”

You have to applaud Watson for his self-awareness and understanding of the current state of things in our country. With everyone being canceled as of late, Watson sure as hell wasn’t going to let it be because of a little crab under his ball. As seen in the video, the crab would eventually scurry away far enough for Watson to hit his shot.

Bubba would end up bogeying the hole after the difficult chip ended up 17 feet away from the hole. You never know what you may run into in the wild unknown of Harbour Town Links.

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