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Brett Favre Has Found A New Hustle, Offering 10-Minute Chats For $5,000

Seth Wenig, AP

Brett Favre is just a month removed from maybe, possibly trying to embezzle $1.1 million in federal welfare money. He has already found a new hustle. This time, though, it’s much more legitimate.

In case you missed it, Favre took $1.1 million from the Mississippi Community Education Center for three speeches, one radio ad, and a keynote address. Which even by industry standards is an insane amount of money for that amount of work. He wound up only finishing one radio PSA before the auditors came knocking.

Sure, he has since said he will give the $1.1 million back to the state of Mississippi, but the fact that Favre hustled a charity out of that kind of money is admirable? Deplorable? Impressive? Pick whatever word you want to finish that sentence. I’m not here to preach on the morality of accepting a million dollars from a non-profit for a 30-second radio spot and a couple of speeches.

No, no, I’m here to let you know that the Ole Gunslinger has found a new way to keep the lights on at the ranch.

The website Cameo offers a somewhat strange, yet apparently wildly profitable service. For a fee, you can have one of 30,000+ different celebrities send you a brief video message saying whatever you want them to say. Happy Birthday, congratulations, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious , whatever. It’s some real “dance, monkey, dance” type stuff. But celebs have to make money too, I suppose.

Anyway, Cameo now offers an option to have a ten-minute video chat with some of these celebrities. As you can imagine, it can get a little pricey. This is where our hero comes in. If you decide you want to have a ten-minute video chat with Favre, it’ll cost you about $5,000.

Five. Thousand. Dollars. For ten minutes!

That breaks down to $500/minute or $30,000/hour. At 40 hours/week, 52 weeks/year, Favre would make $62.4 million in a year. For comparison, he made an average of $6.89 million/year over his 20=year NFL career.

Granted, Favre probably doesn’t set that rate. There is probably some sort of Cameo algorithm that sets the rate to slightly outpace the demand for any given celebrity, just to make sure no one is ever overwhelmed. But the fact that Favre is getting paid that kind of money just to chat for ten minutes is insane.

Also, can you imagine the type of person that would pay that kind of money for that conversation? I’m thinking either the Packer super-fan that might be a stalker or the sad Mississippi kid who borrowed his parents’ credit card so he could talk to Favre about his feelings.

Either way, congrats to Favre for continually finding new, inventive, morally vague ways to make money. In the immortal words or Ron Burgundy, “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.”

All this begs the question, though. What would you do for ten minutes for $5,000?

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