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Brent Cimagila Is An All-American Kicker And In For A Big Season

Brent Cimaglia


Most fan bases never get hyped over special team players. But, as Tennessee fans, we realize that special teams are important. The Vols have a special player in Brent Cimaglia. So many ways to describe the senior kicker from Nashville, but if you could only use one word, it would be clutch.

As part of the series I’m doing weekly on Tennessee players, Brent Cimaglia would arguably be one of the most important returning starters. I’m just going to say it and say it loud, Brent Cimaglia was better than Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, and you’re wrong if you think otherwise.

Last season Cimagila was 2nd team All-SEC and stacked the stat sheet up making 23 field goals. He kicked at an 85.2 percentage rate and never missed an extra point. Now you’re probably asking yourself, why are we talking about a kicker for? Well, I’m glad everyone asked at the same time because if you didn’t notice the past couple of seasons, Tennessee’s offense really hasn’t put up a lot of points.

When you’re not able to produce touchdowns, the next best thing is having a field goal kicker. If you look at the almighty dynasty of Alabama over the last decade, their Achilles heel has been the kicking unit, so it’s handy to have Brent Cimaglia in the orange and white.

Some may ask what can Cimaglia really improve this upcoming season, honestly just keep being consistent. That’s really lame to the fan base to say “just stay consistent” but it’s really not, considering the Vols are stepping into year three under Jeremy Pruitt plus we’re still not exactly sure how Jim Chaney’s offense will this upcoming season.

If we see the offense fail in the red zone again like it did numerous times like it did last season, then you’ll see Brent Cimaglia A LOT, and you won’t be worrying as much because usually, the ball goes through the upright. On one last note, Cimagila will also enter the season with 192 points, which is close to 10th in all-time points at the University of Tennessee.

Before you exit this article just remember Brent Cimaglia is the best kicker in the nation, please if you disagree, show me how he’s not, and I’ll prove you wrong.

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