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Wonderful news hearing that North’s injury is not as severe as what was first reported. In light of multiple sources within the program confirming North’s injury and its presumed severity, I wrote the article based off what those sources were telling me.

I regret using “feared lost for season.” The phrase was misunderstood as confirming the speculation from those close to the situation. Obviously, there was no confirmation.

My apologies to Marquez and the North family. I also owe an apology to Coach Jones and the rest of Team 119 for any distraction I caused.


GoVols247‘s Wes Rucker is reporting from multiple program sources, “Marquez North’s injury isn’t overly serious and could keep him off the field for a week or less.”

Last night, multiple sources within the program stated the injury to North’s leg was serious.

These new reports would obviously bring a sigh of relief to the Tennessee program and Vol fans.


According to sources, North went down with a serious, non-contact injury to his leg and could not put any weight on it (following injury). Sources also stated that MRI is scheduled for Thursday.

Breaking News

Marquez North has suffered a serious leg injury and it is feared to be season ending, according to sources.

Tennessee’s Junior wide receiver entered Fall training camp with numerous 2015 preseason accolades and was the favorite to lead a group of talented wideouts for the Volunteers.

North has battled injuries throughout his career as a Volunteer managing 10 appearances last season and 11 during his Freshman campaign.

FOX Sports Radio Knoxville will have updates with additional information as we receive it.