Border Battle Games Tennessee Football Should Play

Tennessee football


Back on Oct. 31, 1891, Kansas and Missouri met for the first time on the football field in Kansas City. The Jayhawks got the 22-10 win. The series continued between the bitter rivals until 2011. Missouri left for the SEC, which ended what is now called “The Border War.”

However, last week it was announced the two teams would meet again. The first game won’t happen for another five years, and the series won’t happen annually. But, having the games scheduled is a big deal.

Tennessee already plays many meaningful games. There’s the “Third Saturday in October.” Tennessee and Alabama first met in 1901. Once a series that was dominated by the Vols in the mid-90s to early 2000s is now all Alabama.

Tennessee and in-state rival Vanderbilt is another big-time series. It’s been all Vols since 1928, but it’s an in-state rivalry that matters.

The introduction of Kansas and Missouri rekindling their love got me thinking about border battles the Vols should start playing.

I’ll have to admit: working on this article brought back some painful memories.