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Big Orange Currievan

Question: Is the Big Orange Caravan debacle embarrassing?

Answer: Yes, and no.

John Currie recently wrote a letter to the fans explaining all the events surrounding Tennessee’s program including an explanation regarding the Big Orange Caravan, which you can read here.

In his letter he states,

“When I arrived to officially start my new duties 19 days ago, I learned that we didn’t yet have any caravan events planned for 2017.

On February 28 the majority of Vols fans were shaking their heads when Currie was hired as Tennessee’s new Athletic Director. He’s said and done many questionable things, but the newest debacle surrounding his program is, “The Big Orange Caravan”. Is this embarrassing? Yes, but making the decision not rush a decision is one of his better decisions thus far. So, why are Tennessee fans angry about something as minor as The Big Orange Caravan? It’s simple, Tennessee fans are tired of the bullshit. The domino effect of Tennessee frustration is real. The effect began with Mike Hamilton, Derek Dooley and Cuonzo Martin, followed by Dave Hart, Donnie Tyndall, Holly Warlick, Butch Jones, Dave Serrano, and now Big Orange Caravan?

The mediocrity has turned Tennessee fans into vicious people. The slightest movement of negativity and fans will attack without hesitation. You know it’s bad when Vol Twitter is aggressively attacking the Big Orange Caravan.

The last 14 years we’ve seen athletic directors making quick decisions which led to the mediocrity of Tennessee athletics. We’ve become so adapted to negativity that fans are questioning John Curries decision to correct a poorly planned event featuring Butch Jones and Holly Warlick. The only thing worse than a tour featuring hours of Butchism is an unorganized tour featuring hours of Butchisms.

Is this embarrassing? Yes, but John Currie is at least acknowledging the embarrassment left by Dave Hart’s poor planning. He’s mobilizing a situation, and creating a plan before putting it into motion. Fans are giving Currie a hard time, and that’s completely understandable, but give him credit for writing a letter to the fans explaining the situation. He may not be a fan favorite, but he’s letting us know he’s organizing a plan for the future.

Time will tell if Currie can get the job done, but for right now we need to sit back and relax. Who knows, maybe Currie will surprise us next year with a new panel of Big Orange Caravan coaches.









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