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Missouri basketball

Show Me My Basketball Opponent: Missouri (II)

Well, look, I ain’t got much. Here’s what I said four weeks ago about Missouri in 2018-19: Cuonzo’s second team at Missouri follows the Michael Porter, Jr. Sorta Was Here I Guess season, where Porter got hurt in preseason, came back for two meaningless games, looked awful, and then Missouri got blown out of the…

Vanderbilt losing in the first round to Murray State, 2010; second of three straight R64 losses

Show Me My Basketball Opponent: Vanderbilt (I)

Finally, we meet again. Two foes, back together, for yet another fight. A fight that we all face in our own souls, with only one side emerging victorious. That’s right, folks, we’re talking Man vs. Popcorn: Tennessee fans trashing the place on their way out. Great group of people. pic.twitter.com/EbzbO3Ey2F — PraterToLanghi (@TheWorldInSmall) January 10,…

Missouri head coach Cuonzo Martin, who is not at Tennessee at this time

Show Me My Basketball Opponent: Missouri (I)

CUUUUUUOOOOOONNNNNNNZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He’s back again!!!! I’ll spare you the introduction, but a quick catch-up if you’ve somehow lost track of Cuonzo Martin since his departure from Tennessee: Cal (2014-15 to 2016-17): 62-39, 29-25 Pac-12, one NCAA Tournament bid (lost to 13 seed Hawaii in Round of 64), one NIT bid (lost to 8 seed Cal State Bakersfield…