An Ohio State Assistant Coach Was Mad About Tennessee On Twitter

Can we all agree that coaches should never tweet?

If you don’t think so, please allow me to present to you the Twitter timeline of Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith…

Smith is someone who should stay as far away from Twitter as possible. When he’s not creating Twitter dust-ups with Michigan or tweeting indirectly at Tennessee recruits because he’s mad they chose UT over OSU, he also likes to tweet at his players’ girlfriends. Multiple times. Oh, and for some reason, he wants you to know that he thinks khaki pants look like a diaper.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.20.35 PM

You might think I had to dig to find weird stuff he tweeted. Nope. The player girlfriend and diaper stuff is all from yesterday.

Smith even took time out of his busy Twitter schedule to subtweet (tweet about someone without actually mentioning them by name) Tennessee running backs coach Robert Gillespie. After 4-star wide receiver/athlete Marquez Callaway committed to Tennessee, Gillespie tweeted this:


That was harmless enough but Smith felt the need to reply, and instead of directly replying to Gillespie, he subtweeted him.

You know, like a coward.

Smith Tweet

In addition to butchering the english language in his tweet, Smith took a shot at Tennessee for literally no reason at all.

Marquez Callaway never even considered going to Ohio State.

But pay this no mind because the only person who looks foolish in this scenario is Zach Smith, and this is not his first go-around with that. The whole ordeal was strange and further solidified the eternal truth that coaches should simply never tweet.