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The State Of Alabama Smells Like Poop Thanks To The “Poop Train”

A train full of human waste (some call it the Poop Train) is stranded in Parrish, Alabama and has been for almost two months. Which in turn is making Alabama smell like poop. I guess all it took was a train full of “poop” for Alabamans to realize that.

Let us all just come together and watch a first ballot Internet Hall of Fame video.

This has to be one of the greatest stories on the internet in a while. You can’t make this stuff up, a Poop Train in Alabama. Since early 2017, the Big Sky landfill located just outside Parrish, Alabama, has been receiving the New York’s sewage and sludge.

Apparently, Southern states are like goldmines when it comes to inexpensive land. That makes it easily accessible for big companies to go in and operate a landfill to make a lot of money.

Don’t tell that to the delightful residents of Parrish; they don’t’ care about the jobs the landfill has generated for their family members. They are mad like wholly outraged over this situation. Probably just as irate as when Auburn beat the Tide this past season. Or just as angry when Auburn had the famous “Kick 6” play.

Sherleen Pike, a resident of Parrish, is asking the tough questions to try to find answers. She asks, “Would New York City like for us to send all our poop up there forever?”

That is such an excellent question from Pike. She deserves a lot of praise if this train starts rolling soon.

Well, New York, would you enjoy that? I’ll answer that for you. No, you do not want anything to do with Alabama fans and their stench.

A West Jefferson attorney said the sludge, “smells of dead rotting animals as well as human waste.” The trainload has also caused the community to be infested with flies which I personally thought was something that was common for an Alabama town.

Pike also brings up a great point in the article. She said, “They don’t want to dump it in their rivers, but I think each state should take care of their own waste.” Can I get an amen for sister Pike?

I am convinced that if Sherleen Pike was the governor of Alabama none of this would happen. But, since that is extremely improbable, somethings will never change. Alabama smells like poop and always will.

UPDATE 4/19/18: After two long months the Poop Train is finally gone from the peaceful little town of Parrish, Alabama. The mayor, Heather Hall announced on Wednesday that she had “good news” meaning the train would be on its way. Sherleen Pike must have really made an impact with her tough questions on the issue. It is safe to say that Pike got Alabama back to being great again. Parrish, Alabama will no longer smell like New York poop, it will go back to merely smelling like Alabama poop.

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