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After Five Straight Double-Digit Losses, it is Now or Never for The Vols


After a week off, the Tennessee Volunteers returned to the gridiron on Saturday. Now, on Monday, we, as a fanbase, find ourselves in familiar territory. For the fifth straight game, the Vols lost by double-digits, this time to the hands of Auburn. This is a feat that had never before happened in the history of Tennessee Football. Another apathetic loss is still frustrating, but this is not the familiarity that I am speaking of. 

Once again, Vol fans find themselves in a situation where watching Tennessee play football is no longer enjoyable. This seems to be 2017 all over again. We all had to suffer through the worst season in Tennessee football history, only to endure the most poorly ran coaching search in modern history. This feels like deja vu with how the season has gone. However, Tennessee has an opportunity to right their wrongdoings from three years ago. 

Looking at everything objectively, it is seriously now or never for Phillip Fulmer

For the most part, the majority of the fanbase understands Pruitt is not the guy, and keeping him around is only delaying the inevitable. Currently, we are stuck watching the Vols underperform week in and week out. It is never fun watching your team lose. It’s even worse when you’re watching the same mistakes be made every week with nothing changing. 

Pruitt’s inability to effectively make decisions is ultimately going to be his downfall. He might not get the boot this season, but we all know it is coming. Regardless, Tennessee now finds itself in what is being considered a “must-win” game against an 0-7 Vanderbilt team. If you face a must-win game against a winless Vanderbilt team, that should already tell you everything you need to know about the program’s direction. 

The writing is on the wall; we all know what needs to happen. Sure, the buyout will be massive. On the other hand, keeping Pruitt another season will make Neyland Stadium look like they’re still adhering to Covid-19 attendance protocols in 2021. I will not speculate on prospective coaches to replace Pruitt, but we all know who is available. It is time for Fulmer to make the right move, regroup, and conduct a proper coaching search. 

Look, I hate this

We all want to win, and nobody wants to start over, but sometimes you have to know when to hit the reset button. I am in my mid-twenties and have never truly experienced a successful, winning culture at Tennessee. I want us to get back to the premier program. I know we can be, but I also know this cannot take place with the status quo. 

Change can be difficult, but I think we all know it would be in everybody’s best interest if a change is made.

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