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AFC Championship Drinking Game

After watching my Pittsburgh Steelers lose to Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars, it’s time I take up this weeks drinking game. So get ready, grab your beers and your hard liquors and get ready for the AFC Championship Drinking Game!

All you need for this game is your drinks, and by the end of the game potentially a beeline to the toilet. There are ten rules to this drinking game and they’re all relatively simple.

1. For every offensive touchdown, down a beer. There’s a catch though. If the touchdown is more than fifty yards, take two shots of your hardest drink.

2. For every/any defensive touchdown, you’ll have to get one of your friends to overhead pour your best drink for three seconds

3. This one might be a doozy in the game, but for every punt the teams make, take a shot.

4. If there is a safety in a game, that calls for you to down two beers back-to-back.

5. This rule is for those who go to the bathroom and miss one of the other nine drinking rules. If they miss it, then they must drink twice as much as the rule calls for.

6. We all love Gronk’s touchdown spike, but we also love seeing fun touchdown celebrations. So for this rule, every Gronk spike for the Pat’s or touchdown dance for the Jags, shotgun a beer and show your own touchdown celebration!

7. These are two pretty well-coached teams if we’re being honest. So, for every penalty flag that’s thrown? That’s right, chug down that beer in your hand and crack open a new one!

8. For each drive, if you’re rooting for the Jaguars and the Pats get a first down, take a shot. If you’re rooting for the Pats and the Jaguars get a first down, YOU take a shot. this is for every drive of the game.

9. In both two-minute warnings of the game, there will be a rapid drinking round. For every carry Leonard Fournette gets and for every pass completion Tom Brady makes, take a shot.

10. Finally, the last rule is the biggest rule. At the beginning of the game, make your bets on which team will win or lose. Whoever guesses wrong, they have to take the amount of shots that the point differential was (if it’s a 45-17 loss, please keep the shots only down to two touchdowns. We aren’t trying to ruin your lives here).

There you have it; the AFC Championship Drinking Game rules and might I say, this game might be a doozy for whichever team you root for and if you follow the rules, I have no doubt you’ll be feeling some type of way for the next few hours at least.

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