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A VFL Released A Rap Album Today. . . And It’s Good

Bobby Feeno’s debut album Flamingo & Koval dropped today on all of your streaming services.

It’s Arian Foster. You can stop trying to think back to who the hell Bobby Feeno is.

And he can rap. Maybe as good as he ran the football. I came into this with semi-high expectations knowing Foster’s interest in poetry.

It exceeded my expectations.

The instrumentals are smooth. This wasn’t an athlete with money wanting to dabble with music to fulfill some type of fantasy; it was Foster introducing himself as someone that can actually flow.

At certain times I had double check to see if J Cole was featured on the song because of similar flow and voice cadence.

There aren’t many football references spread throughout the thirteen-track project. There is a line that catches you by surprise when Foster drops in an admission of fear that he’ll be in a wheelchair when he’s in his fifties. I listened to the last song “suicide note” worried it may take a dark turn based around the conversation that’s surrounded football over the past five years.

But the song was focused on the pressure of raising kids, escaping the hood and living up to the expectations of being a provider.

I’ve only spun through the album 3 or 4 times (so I reserve the right to change my mind), but so far my favorite song is watermelon sunrise. It’s a nice way to get the point across that Foster has skills.

The bar has been raised for athlete-turned-musician.

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