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A Question For The Fans


Tennessee’s Athletic Department has officially put “The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus” out of business. Tennessee is the biggest circus in town, and the biggest joke of a program in regards to hiring an Athletic Director.

Every Tennessee fan loves Phillip Fulmer, but when you’re thinking about promoting a man that you previously fired there is a problem. Now, I’m not saying Fulmer would do a poor job by any means, but Tennessee fans are fed up with the child’s play that’s on display in Knoxville. The majority of the fans can’t remember the last time Tennessee was a well ran athletic organization. When you think Tennessee has turned a corner something ridiculous happens taking away any hope of bringing stability to Tennessee’s program. I’ve bashed Butch Jones time after time, but in all honesty, he’s the only stable thing about UT’s program at the moment.

In the mean time we can only wait and guess who Tennessee will hire as their new Athletic Director, which leaves me with this question.

If you were the Athletic Director,

What are three things that you would immediately put into place to bring back THE University of Tennessee?


Your answers will be posted in an upcoming article.


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