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A List Of Other Teams That Need A Name Change


Last Wednesday, FedEx asked “the team in Washington” to change their name. Obviously this is not new as the R-words have been asked to change their name many times before. However, this is the first time that we’ve seen multiple cooperate sponsors step in. Nike passive aggressively asked them to change by removing all Redskin gear from their online stores.

This got a lot of people brainstorming new names for the team in Washington:

Seeing all of this got me thinking: what other teams have outdated names? What teams could use a re-branding? Here’s my list:

1.) Milwaukee Bucks

Yes, I know, “It’s just a deer” or is it? “Bucks” is an apparent street name for money. So does this mean that the Milwaukee organization doesn’t value their less fortunate fans?

Even if that’s not the case, they shouldn’t allow their brand be associated with greed and violence. When you look at the violent instances that have occurred through time from wars, all the way to armed robberies, the sole focus for those violent acts is monetary gain. Do the Bucks want to be associated with that? I hope not.

An alternative name they could use would be the “Milwaukee Doe.” This way, all they have to do is remove the antlers from their logo and its fixed. Also, it takes a much needed step in female empowerment, while also having no negative association with money.

2.) Denver Nuggets


Staying in the NBA, the Nuggets are not indeed of a new name just a different type of nugget. No one uses gold anymore, only the Olympics (canceled due to Covid).

But you know what everyone uses regardless of what they tell their parole officer? Weed. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize and monetize marijuana so why not just be the “Denver Nuggets” but with two bowls instead of pick axes.

3.) Nashville Predators

This one is tough for me because they are my favorite team but with a name like “Predators” you’re getting thrown on the list.

Really? Predators was the best Nashville could come up with?

I assume each member on the team has to go door to door in their neighborhood letting them know that a Predator lives next door to them.

They should take a page out of the Utah Jazz’s playbook and call themselves the Nashville Guitars. That way you can still sell “SMASHVILLE” shirts because you know, Rock and Roll.

4.) Los Angles Dodgers


This one has no violent, racist, or even sexist undertones, I just think it’s stupid.

Like, what are you dodging? Its obviously not pitches because I see them get hit all the time.

Perhaps they are trying to dodge big name free agents? Or maybe they are dodging World Series wins. Actually the more I think about it the more this one fits but I’ll still give them a new name.

The new name of the LA Dodgers should be “Los Angles CatBirds.”

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