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A List Of The Best “Couples” In The Sports World

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means you are dedicating this special day to the one person in your life who means the most to you.

This day isn’t only reserved for your every day, average couple, though. This day is also dedicated to those sports “couples” out there who have a tight bond that can never be broken.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott

These two young phenoms for the Dallas Cowboys have a very close relationship.

They were both drafted in 2016 and set the NFL ablaze with their talent. They feed off each other and rely on each other to play well. And after ‘Zeke missed six games due to a suspension, these two will look to launch their third year with a vengeance.

This is a young romance that is bound to last for many years to come.

Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant

The sluggers on the corners of the infield for the Chicago Cubs have something called a “thriving bromance” (according to a friend who is a die-hard Cubs fan).

These two hard hitters came into the league with the Cubs around the same time and have been two of the best players in the MLB ever since. And of course, bringing a World Series to the north side of Chicago for the first time since 1908 will spark any relationship.

Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown

This quarterback/wide receiver duo for the Pittsburgh Steelers is arguably the most electric in the NFL and their relationship has flourished because of it. But you don’t get that kind of chemistry without having a good relationship off the field.

Brown is consistently one of the best players in the entire league and Big Ben continues to put up big numbers despite his age. Brown has been top five in the league in yards, receptions and touchdowns every year since 2013.

Big Ben has moved into the top 10 in career touchdown passes, passing yards and wins by a quarterback. These two feed off each other’s success like no other and we, as fans, have been blessed to witness this relationship develop and thrive.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant

This is a pretty recent relationship that a lot of people envy. Durant received plenty of hate when he decided to take his talents to Oakland to join the 73-win Warriors, but one person who has been there to help ease his pain has been Curry.

Some people were skeptical about how this situation might work out when the second-best player in the world decided to join ranks with a back-to-back MVP and other all-stars. But these two have been incredible together, and they look to add another championship to their repertoire.

Lionel Messi and Luiz Suarez

These two have been together at Barcelona since 2014 and the soccer club has never been better.

Barcelona has won the Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup, the European Super Cup, two La Liga Championships, three Spanish Cups and the Spanish Super Cup since the two have been together in the Catalans. They’re the best of friends and they look to add even more hardware this season.

Not to mention, Suarez and his family crashed Messi and his wife’s honeymoon last summer. Only a best friend can get away with something like that.

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade*

This one is a little bit complicated, but it can’t go without mentioning.

If Valentine’s Day was before the trade deadline, this relationship would be at the top of everybody’s list. These guys dominated the NBA together when they were in Miami, winning two titles in four years.

At the beginning of this season when the Cavs signed Wade to a deal, they proclaimed they were “peanut butter and jelly” in an interview. However, last week might have changed everything.

The Cavs decided to trade Wade back to the Heat for a second-round pick. Did LeBron have anything to do with that? Did Wade want to get out of the mess that was the Cavs pre-deadline? For now, peanut butter and jelly have been separated, and nobody knows if they will ever be reunited again.

While this was a sad ending to an otherwise heartwarming relationship, it seems like it was for the best, and both players will come to realize that soon.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

This is a relationship that has lasted a long time, and by the looks of things, it will end together as well.

This duo has the most wins as a coach/QB duo in the NFL with 160, as well as five Super Bowl titles together. They have had the perfect marriage that has been full of success and triumph (if you don’t take into account Deflategate and Spygate) and the odds are in their favor for it to end in the same fashion.

One thing that makes this relationship unique is their acceptance of the best — or the worst — third wheel of all time in Josh McDaniels, who might get the chance to be Brady’s rebound coach in the near future.

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