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29 for 29: Eric Berry

What if I were to tell you the Tennessee Titans have two draft picks in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, and that Eric Berry is a free agent?

Every fan around the NFL knows the Titans defense is a joke, and Titans General Manager, Jon Robinson, knows that.

The Titans desperately need defense if they want any shot at the playoffs next season. I’d rather watch re-runs of Jersey Shore than watch the Titans defense try to defend a pass… Yes, it’s that bad. Jon Robinson is well-aware of Tennessee’s defensive situation, and I’m sure he’s well-aware that Eric Berry is a free agent after the Chiefs lost to the Steelers to end their season.

Last off season Robinson went to Philadelphia and demanded DeMarco Murray in exchange for a 12 pack of Bud Light and a pack of cigarettes. He is a straight up gangster and every GM in the NFL knows his Mafia tactics. Here’s what I think Jon Robinson should do to make sure Eric Berry is in two-tone blue next season.

Every Titans fan was upset last season when Tennessee drafted a running back (Derrick Henry) in the second round when the Titans desperately needed help in the secondary. They just signed DeMarco Murray so why in the hell are they drafting a running back?

Here is why.

Jon Robinson got Murray for absolutely nothing. He knew DeMarco had 2 or 3 solid years left in the tank, which is why he drafted Derrick Henry in the second round. He also knew that Eric Berry would become a free agent after the 2016 season, and he also knew the Rams were dumb enough to trade their 2017 first-round draft pick to the Titans for super star, Jared Goff. Robinson knew the Rams would once again be an awful football team giving them a high draft pick coming into 2017. Well, he was right, the Rams were awful, which gives the Tennessee Titans a top 5 draft pick this upcoming April.

Here is what I think Jon Robinson should do. The entire NFL saw what Derrick Henry is capable of in his rookie season, which is why Titans fans are excited about the future of the offense. Robinson drafted Henry knowing he would eventually use DeMarco and the Rams draft pick as trade bait, and he also knew that Jamaal Charles tears his ACL every 6 hours. So, what does that lead to? It leads to a trade for Eric Berry to solve a big hole in Tennessee’s defense. Kansas City needs a running back and Tennessee needs a safety, which is why the Chiefs should look into trading their number 29 and acquiring Titans first-round (5th overall) pick for Tennessee’s number 29.

DeMarco was a HUGE part of the Titans offense, but in 2 years Murray’s wheels wont turn as fast as they used to. This upcoming NFL draft is top heavy with running backs that Tennessee can snag in the later round to compliment Derrick Henry, such as, Samaje Perine (OK), James Conner (Pitt), Boom Williams (UK), and Corey Clement (Wisconsin).

You can call me crazy, but I think the Chiefs would listen to Jon Robinson if he threw this on the table, which he should to acquire former first-rounder (number 5 overall) pick Eric Berry, who has a lot left in the tank.





(He is an unrestricted which makes this irrelevant, but hey, it was fun )

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