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2020 NFL Draft Four Winners And Four Losers

NFL Draft


NFL Draft weekend is an opportunity for teams to improve on their weaknesses and build depth everywhere else.


Inevitably, though, some organizations insist on overthinking everything and blowing their opportunity to get better. Often, they screw up somebody’s best opportunity to play on the biggest possible stage along the way.


Here are the winners and losers of the 2020 NFL Draft:


Winner: Joe Burrow


Props to the Bengals for not overthinking that first pick.


There were plenty of rumors floating around that other teams were making big offers for it, but the Bengals stayed put. For that, they may have just gotten a future star in Burrow.


But what makes Burrow a winner? The Bengals have AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, John Ross, and now Tee Higgins in their wide receiver room.


If, and it’s a big “if” at this point, they can all stay healthy, this could be an entertaining offense these next few years.


Throw in some depth picks along the offensive line and at linebacker, and Cincinnati may actually be building a winning team from the ground up right before our eyes.


Loser: Eagles


Everybody that follows the NFL knew that the Eagles desperately needed some help at receiver going into the draft. Jalen Reagor in the first round might satisfy that need?


Only time will tell if Reagor fares better than Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins, and Brandon Aiyuk, who were also on the board when the Eagles opted for Reagor.


What really makes Philadelphia a loser here is what they did in the second round. No disrespect to Jalen Hurts, but the second round is too early to be taking flyers on backup quarterbacks.


There are still starter quality players available in the second round. The only other team that tried it was the Packers, and spoiler alert: they’re a loser on this list, too.


Winner: Ravens


The Ravens were one of the best teams in the NFL all of last year. And if they hadn’t ran into the Titans buzzsaw during the playoffs last year, they were as safe a bet as anyone to win the Super Bowl.


But the loss to the Titans exposed a big need for a physical, athletic linebacker with sideline to sideline range.


Someone like Patrick Queen.


There’s no explanation for Queen falling to the 28th pick. Some mock drafts had him going in the top 10. The Ravens didn’t even have to trade up to fill their biggest need with one of the best available options.


If their offensive line picks and JK Dobbins work out, and Lamar Jackson can replicate his production last season, the Ravens could be pushing the Chiefs as the best in the AFC.


Loser: Packers


We all may look back on this draft for the Packers one day and marvel at the foresight the front office had for a few of these picks. But that doesn’t feel very likely, right now.


Objectively, is a team trading up in the first round to get a backup quarterback a good idea? Or taking a flyer in the second round on a back up running back that may or may not complement your current starter?


Or a fullback in the third round? To make matters worse, it seems like they reached on every single pick they had this weekend, too.


The Packers’ front office must have serious faith in this wide receiver corps not to draft one.


Regardless, it seems like the Packers are already trying to rebuild post-Aaron Rodgers, even though he has plenty of good years left in the tank. Speaking of Rodgers. . .


Losers: Backup Quarterbacks


Is anyone lauding the Jordan Love and Hurts picks? They are both players that could and maybe should have been pushing for starting jobs within the next year or so.


Instead, they were both picked too early by clubs that didn’t necessarily need quarterbacks. Now, they’re both going to have to wait around for the incumbents at their clubs to get hurt or retire.


Rodgers is still a top-10 quarterback in the league, even if he is aging. And Carson Wentz is going to have a long leash in Philly with his massive, almost-new contract.


Winner: Cowboys


Dallas needed help on defense this draft. Both along the defensive line and at corner.


But when Ceedee Lamb falls to the 17th pick, it’s easy to understand why they went offense in the first round. Even if Lamb turns out to be a bust, it’s easy to rationalize taking a top-10 talent in the middle of the first round.


Dallas got their help on defense later on with Trevon Diggs, Neville Gallimore, Reggie Robinson II, and Bradlee Anae.


All could make the two-deep depth chart by the time the regular season rolls around, and they were all taken at reasonably appropriate times in the draft. No reaches, of note.


The Cowboys are all set up to be the offseason darlings of the league yet again. But maybe this is the year they put all their talent together and make the NFC Championship for the first time since 1995.


Losers: Tight Ends In Chicago


If you haven’t heard by now, the Chicago Bears have ten tight ends on their roster. This is all after they signed a 33-year-old Jimmy Graham to a two-year, $16 million contract and used their highest draft pick on Cole Kmet.


Both of them will probably make the final roster going into the regular season.


What happens to Demetrius Harris, Ben Braunecker, Adam Shaheen, JP Holtz, Jesper Horstead, Eric Saubert, Dax Raymond, and Darion Clark is anybody’s guess.


Winner: Jauan Jennings


The darling of Tennesse fans everywhere, Jauan Jennings was finally taken in the early seventh round of the draft by the 49ers.


Jennings’ journey through the NFL draft has been well documented. And with how deep this receiver class was, it wasn’t a given that he would even be drafted.


The 49ers got a good one, and Jennings landed with a contender with plenty of opportunities to earn some playing time.

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