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2020 Had Us In The First Half, I’m Not Gonna Lie

Alright ladies and gentleman, I am not going to sugar coat it: we’ve been getting our asses kicked.

Today, July 1, marks the end of the first half of 2020 (and Bobby Bonilla Day).

It has been a lot of bad with not a lot of good. Let’s just revisit a few of our favorite moments, shall we?


  • The Australian Brush Fires
  • World War III almost broke out
  • The trade war with China has been up-and-down
  • The President was impeached in the House of Representatives
  • Kobe Bryant and Mr. Peanut both tragically passed away
  • COVID-19 hit the U.S.
  • Every major sports league and the Olympics were officially postponed
  • The Pentagon released footage of potential UFOs
  • George Floyd was murdered causing protests and race riots across America


These are just some of the high points.

To quote Nick Saban here, “They [2020] has ran through our ass like shit through a tin horn and we couldn’t stop it.” We have been made out to be a babbling, bumbling band of baboons.


With all of that said, it ain’t over yet.

There is still the whole second half.

“We need more dogs. We don’t need no meows, we don’t need any cats. No, we need more dogs.” We need to put on more steam. The breaks definitely didn’t go our way.

It ain’t over yet.

There is still six months to get this whole things back on track. We have time to make solid headway in equal rights and better treatment for people of color in interactions with the police.

We have six months to get off our asses and practice the necessary tactics to slow the spread of COVID so we can have sports and a college football season.

All hope is not lost.

WE can do this.

We have to start playing as a unit, but we can do it. Let’s strap back up, get back out there, and kick 2020’s ass in the second half!

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